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A healthy spine means a healthier you.

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Vitality Chiropractic
Treats the Whole Family

Welcome to Vitality Chiropractic, home of Dr. Bonnie Verhunce and her friendly staff. We are located in the heart of Des Moines, and happy to serve patients throughout Puget Sound for all of your chiropractic and pain management needs. We are proud to deliver excellent care to patients from Burien, Tacoma, Kent, Tukwila, Renton, and even south Seattle! Our office hours are also convenient for commuters on their way to or from work.

Many of our first-time patients come to us having suffered from back pain, headaches, neck pain, fibromyalgia symptoms, carpal tunnel, dizziness and hormone imbalances for years without being able to find relief through traditional medical resources. Other patients come in to see us because they have recently been involved in an auto accident and are in need of a skilled practitioner. 

Our office helps liberate patients from pain through our unique combination of rejuvenating, non-invasive, drug-free therapies and treatments. Dr. Verhunce is such a skilled practitioner she even frequently helps babies suffering from colic, as well as soon to be moms with pregnancy related aches and pains.

Vitality Chiropractic emphasizes wellness and preventative care to help people achieve their optimal health, and avoid pain or illness in the first place.

Des Moines Chiropractor Dr. Bonnie Verhunce
Brings Wellness to Washington

Dr. Verhunce, was inspired to work toward a life of helping to relieve suffering after she had endured several years of severe headaches and migraines. Although her doctors prescribed the latest medications for these conditions, the pain continued and even worsened. A friend finally urged her to see a chiropractor, and her life changed. The amazing relief she experienced inspired her to pursue her dream of helping people discover lasting pain relief and achieve their optimal health!

Dr. Bonnie is highly skilled in neurology and in administering the latest light force spinal adjusting techniques to achieve a gentle realignment of the spine. This positions the spinal column back into a normal, healthy position. These techniques are immensely helpful in relieving back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia symptoms, migraines, and other painful conditions because they release pinched nerves and help the body heal. Dr. Verhunce also spends several hours each week in continuing study and research so she can continue to provide the most current and effective spinal adjustment techniques for her patients.

In addition to spinal adjustments, Dr. Bonnie and her staff assist each of their patients in pursuing lifestyle changes in nutrition and exercise that help them achieve their greatest level of health and vitality. Her office also has a well-stocked lending library of books about health topics, which our patients can borrow to continue their wellness journey.

Dr. Verhunce believes that education is one of the first steps to a healthy life!

As part of our chiropractic mission here in beautiful Des Moines to help everyone, Dr. Verhunce has corrected alignment issues for many infants, helping them (and their parents) find relief from colic pains and ear infections. We also help many people struggling with hormone imbalances by running tests that can give medical professionals a much clearer picture of a person's hormone levels than a blood test alone. Dr. Verhunce is also highly skilled in treating patients who have had auto accidents- be it recently or for those who continue to suffer from old injuries. Our office also helps athletes and those with desk jobs!

Our office is comfortable and our staff are friendly and nurturing. We are happy to accept most insurance plans (and also provide a range of Active Life Payment Plans for those without insurance) because we want to help as many people as possible. We invite everyone out there who would like to know more about how our compassionate, skilled chiropractor, Dr. Bonnie can help, to call us at 206-824-5521 today!

Dr. Verhunce
Vitality Chiropractic
21904 Marine View Drive S., Ste C Des Moines WA 98198


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