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Success Stories

Dar Krahner

Dar has been a patient at Vitality Chiropractic for nearly 5 years. She originally came in to see Dr. Bonnie at the recommendation of her sister-in-law Karen, who is also a patient. Dar had been experiencing pain since 1990 after she tripped down a set of stairs and landed on her backside, "I was OK initially (or, so I thought), but later that year I woke up to excruciating pain." Eventually Dar was diagnosed with whiplash and went to see four different chiropractors over the next 15 years, none of whom provided a lot of results. "I tried different pillows, purchased a different bed, and tried exercise routines. Some things seemed to help, but not consistently," she says. Since beginning care with Dr. Bonnie, Dar feels that her overall health has improved, "I've made great progress and seem to be on a 'maintenance' program now. [But] I have my 'weak spots' that tend to suffer when I overdo it, or ride on banana boats J" 

Dar has also benefited from the saliva testing and natural hormone supplement protocol Dr. Bonnie designed for her to regulate her hormone levels. Dar says, that Dr. Bonnie "is a wealth of knowledge for nutritional information" and she appreciates that Dr. Bonnie recommended massage therapy to help her progress. Dar also appreciates that her busy schedule can always be accommodated and says "Sarah is very friendly…and is also very knowledgeable when asked insurance questions!"

Sandy Ventoza
Patient since January 2012
“Before starting care at Vitality Chiropractic I was experiencing back pain, neck pain, and wrist pain. Since starting care at Vitality Chiropractic progress has been really good. Chiropractic care helps so I don’t have chronic pain every day. My knees are also doing well with adjustments. I feel like I’ve received excellent care here and I can get an appointment when needed.

Dr. Bonnie really understands the pain and knows how to fix it to get moving again. Other benefits I have experienced is that I have more energy. I believe chiropractic care helps keep me healthy. What I enjoy most about my appointments at Vitality Chiropractic is that I know I can get an adjustment to relieve pain and not have to take a pill for it. I also enjoy that Dr. Bonnie and Cindy are so caring. I would highly recommend this office to others because the chiropractic treatments are great and not painful.”

Nancy Barr
Patient since December 2012
“I have scoliosis and chronic back pain.  Since I've been receiving treatments from Dr. Bonnie the length of time I can stand in one spot (kitchen work, etc.) without my back muscles causing pain has increased from 15 minutes to closer to 40 minutes. The length of time I can go for a walk has also increased from about 40 minutes to 1 hour. 

I have been a patient with two other chiropractic practices in the past 10 years in former communities.  The care has always been helpful; but I've experienced the most progress with Dr. Bonnie.  The exercises she had given me help strengthen my core muscles.  My posture and weight distribution have improved. All contribute to a general improvement in my quality of life.   

I enjoy my contact with Cindy at the front desk and personal conversations with Dr. Bonnie. I always leave feeling 'well adjusted.' Vitality Chiropractic has a very friendly, supportive atmosphere. I'm able to ask questions and take an active role in my care. That's why I continue to come back.”  

Jenny Partch    
Patient since:  12/20/2010
“When I came into Vitality Chiropractic I had chronic hip pain and I could not open my jaw to eat a sandwich. Within 6 months, I was able to eat anything I wanted and my hip and back was under control. Dr. Bonnie and Cindy have always been so hospitable and the chiropractic treatments are so gentle yet extremely effective.

I feel more vibrant in activities with my young children and more motivated to take care of my health in other ways. I always leave feeling refreshed from both the adjustments and the friendly atmosphere. I can’t imagine what awful invasive medical treatments I would have been subjected to for my jaw if I had not sought out chiropractic care. I am so grateful to how easy this resolved itself.”

Gertrude Pfeffer

Patient Since: 10/29/2008

When Gertrude first came in to see Dr. Bonnie she came in for treatment on her lower back, bursitis of the hip and leg pain. Vitality Chiropractic wasn’t her first experience with chiropractic care. Gertrude received chiropractic adjustments when she was a teenager in Duluth, Minnesota and found that it has always helped.  Whenever she has had a problem, she’s always been helped by chiropractic care. She states, “It’s great to be relieved of pain without taking pills. It’s always a great joy to live without pain.” 

When asked about our office and the care she received Gertrude said, “Dr. Bonnie and Cindy have always been so very kind and caring. I look forward to my once a week adjustments and feel great afterwards. Dr. Bonnie does a wonderful job”.

Beth Svingen
Patient since 3/2010
When Beth first came into Vitality Chiropractic she was experiencing low back pain that hurt so badly she could hardly walk and was not able to lift anything over 2 lbs without and pain. Since starting chiropractic care with Dr. Bonnie, she has been able to walk without pain, pick up heavy things and is able to do all the things she used to do. Chiropractic care has positively affected her life by helping give her more energy.


Kandi Hutchinson
Patient since 6/2010
Kandi initially came into Vitality Chiropractic seeking help for the pain with movement in her back. Since then, her pain has become much better and it has improved her back movement. Dr. Bonnie has also helped after a car accident that she was in to get her back to feeling normal again. Throughout her chiropractic care she has also experienced relief from headaches and feels better every day.


Kelly Hutchinson
Patient since 4/2012
The main reason for Kelly to find her way into Vitality Chiropractic was because of back pain. Since starting care with Dr. Bonnie, she has experienced less pain, with most days she experiences no pain at all. Chiropractic care has affected Kelly’s life by helping give her more energy, helped her feel better overall, and she doesn’t wake up thinking “will I be in pain today when I wake up?” 


Vicki and Norm Miskin

have been patients at Vitality for about 9 years now and they have both seen dramatic improvements in their health since the beginning of their care. Before they came to see Dr. Bonnie, Norm suffered from chronic low back pain for about 8 years and Vicki had mid back, low back, and neck pain for over 10 years, because as she puts it, "I live in front of a computer."

They had both tried chiropractic before, along with stretches, physical therapy, massage therapy and drugs. Since beginning care, Norm has had "less lower back discomfort and more mobility," along with "all over health improvement [and] less discomfort while working." Vicki says "I'm not taking medication for acid reflux any longer (yeah!)…[that's] a big thing for me." When they were asked if they had any additional comments here's what they said:

Norm: "It's hard to keep track of where Sarah's going these days. You also serve cookies on the wrong day…and don't give to-go baggies!"

Vicki: "Norm's just jealous because I'm there on a cookie day…and upset that I don't steal one for him!"


​Jim and Kelly Cleveland
For about the last 6 years Jim and Kelly have been patients at Vitality Chiropractic, and in that time, they have both seen great health improvements. Before he came in, Jim had hip soreness and occasional back stiffness for about 5 years; he had tried another chiropractor with a different technique and saw very little improvement. After seeing Dr. Bonnie, he now has reduced aches and pains, with less frequency. Jim says, "Dr. B gets me back together."


Kelly originally came in after 4 weeks of neck pain, "my neck was a wreck," she says. With a combination of massage and adjustments, she has seen slow and steady improvement.  "Physically, I feel more 'on' when I'm seeing Dr. B regularly. Mentally, I often crave the Sarah/ Dr. Bonnie 'fix.' Their positive attitudes and outlooks on life give me a mental boost every time."

She and Jim both enjoy the benefits they have seen from chiropractic and like their visits in the office.  Jim says, it "feels like home."

Jeanne and Steve Hendrie
This dynamic brother and sister duo have been patients at Vitality Chiropractic for over 6 years now. Steve came in to see Dr. Bonnie first in early 2005 for back and knee pain. After several months of care, he noticed diminished pain in his back and more mobility in his knees, and recommended that his sister come in to our office too. Jeanne had been having "lots of lower back pain" for several years. She had been seeing a great chiropractor but unfortunately that chiropractor closed her business. Steve also had been to other chiropractors and massage therapists before coming in to see Dr. Bonnie.

They are both very happy with the results they have seen since beginning care. "I've gotten to the point where I don't come home from work in agony because my back has 'gone out' again. Now I can move and it doesn't hurt. I can climb stairs and go for walks and look forward to doing things on my days off!" Jeanne says. Both Jeanne and Steve look forward to their adjustments and say the office is a "happy place" where the "care is excellent." Steve says, "I would recommend you guys to anyone - even my sister…and I did!"

Kelly Hartsell
Reason for Care: I was having persistent, severe lower back pain that was limiting my mobility and impacting my quality of life. I felt like a 70 year old in a 40 year old body!

Progress: Relief was almost immediate. I saw Dr. Bonnie daily for the first couple of weeks and the results were amazing. My mobility was completely restored by the end of the second week so I could easily go about my daily activities. My long-term care consists of 3 - 8 visits per month and since my initial acute low back pain I have never had as severe a re-occurrence. When I have a slight flair up, even if I'm unable to see Dr. Bonnie immediately, it generally subsides within a couple of hours. Dr. Bonnie's care has minimized the negative impact on my body caused by hours of computer work and constant air travel, so I can maximize my non-working hours with activities ranging from snow skiing to jet skiing.

Other Benefits: Dr. Bonnie's holistic approach is so beneficial. She addresses the whole body not just the back. Her work on my wrists has enabled me to go without wrist braces while working on the computer and her work on my knee, when I was recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis, gave me back mobility that I thought would only be recaptured with Cortisone shots. She even alleviated a bad case of heartburn I had during one visit...she's kind of amazing! Now I'm back to feeling like a 40 year old in a 40 year old body...and on good days in a 35 yr. old body!

Additional Comments: Dr. Bonnie and Sarah are two women that I would hope to stay in touch with even if I never needed another day of chiropractic care. They are wonderful to work with and wonderful people to know. I have a crazy schedule that they are always happy to accommodate, and I can be a little high maintenance but they don't even seem to notice! Their sincere interest in me is what makes their care so superior. I'm grateful to have found Vitality Chiropractic and look forward to working with Sarah and Dr. Bonnie for years to come!

Sharon and Steve Ashurst
Sharon and Steve have been patients at Vitality Chiropractic since 2004. Sharon initially sought chiropractic care for a fall she had at work three years earlier, she says "I had been unable to walk and in a wheelchair for weeks." She had tried traditional medical care, which mainly consisted of prescription drugs and physical therapy, but she says, "pills have limited usefulness for me and some have too many side effects to use and also have a life and work."

Steve had suffered from chronic back pain since the 1970's. He had "soft tissue damage from an auto accident and issues raising from reconstructive knee surgery in 1999." Steve had gone to several Orthopedic and Osteopathic doctors before beginning care with Dr. Bonnie. Both Sharon and Steve have had great success with Chiropractic care.

"The fact that I'm still working and walking right now is in large measure due to Dr. Bonnie's care and advice…I would say this care has extended by several years the time to knee surgery, and in addition, Dr. Bonnie helps prevent overuse injuries in my arms from my cane," Sharon says.

Steve says, "my back pain is mostly gone and the issues with my knee are controlled for the most part.  My overall comfort has increased and I am more active for longer periods without knee pain."

When asked if they had additional comments Sharon said, "Just being here is calm for the spirit, and fun. It's a good place and you always leave better than you came in." "Dr. Bonnie has really given both of us a great gift of health!" says Steve.

Karla Eskro
Karla has been seeing Dr. Bonnie since 2003. At that time, she was "just feeling poorly overall," and needed some help. Having been in a car accident several years earlier also left her with some upper back issues she was dealing with. She had tried massage with no long-term results. Karla says, "My results from weekly treatments at Dr. Bonnie's has been amazing! No more headaches, back pain, or hip pain. I consider it maintenance to feel my best!"

She also notes that her menstrual cycle has decreased from a 7-10 day flow w/ abdominal pain to only 2-3 day pain-free flow.

When asked if she had any additional comments, Karla said, "The office is always clean and Sarah, the Office Manager, is a delight to work with as she takes such good care with me."

Sharon Hedwall

I contacted Dr. Bonnie, initially, due to a referral from a friend. I was in chronic pain and at the point where I was talking to everyone I knew to obtain a connection to a "good" chiropractor or a "good" back surgeon. I was relying on pain medication, OTC, and prescriptions to deal with my headaches, neck and shoulder pain, low back pain, and leg pain. I was experiencing numbness in my arm and hands. I felt tired all of the time, I had lost interest in most activities due to the pain caused by participating, and I was taking medication for depression.

Over the years, I had received treatment from medical doctors, other chiropractors, decompression therapy, and physical therapy. None of these helped for my condition. After 17 months under Dr. Bonnie's care, I am free of my reliance on pain medication, and I am on a doctor-supervised program to eliminate the depression medication from my life.  I now wake up each morning with little, if any, pain, and I start each day with new-found energy.  I'm embarking on adventures with a renewed body and passion for life.

My painful body areas: head, neck, shoulders, lower back, and sciatica are greatly improved.  I have been able to decrease my treatments with Dr. Bonnie and still maintain an increased involvement in fun activities. I am aware that my healing process depends on the dedication I put into exercise and following Dr. Bonnie's recommended exercise program. I appreciate that Dr. Bonnie keeps up to date and informed on chiropractic research and cutting-edge studies and shares this information with her patients. Dr. Bonnie's practice is a patient-doctor partnership.

After my initial exam and imaging session, I realized that I had successfully located a chiropractor that excels in her profession. The time Dr. Bonnie spent with me, and her patience, helped me understand what was happening with my spinal structure - its functions and non-functions. Dr. Bonnie and Sarah made me feel welcome and valued as a person and as their patient, from the very first visit. Dr. Bonnie and Sarah work very diligently to make each patient comfortable and insure we are treated with care and dignity. They also manage to add a great blend of good humor. I am so thankful for my friend Kathy for her referral and for Dr. Bonnie and Sarah for the level of care they offer.

Respectfully and Thankfully Submitted by,
Sharon Hedwall

John Hogan

Originally came in to see Dr. Bonnie about 4 years ago because of low back pain.  This low back pain had initially started in 1974 while he was living in Massachusetts.  At that time, he was successfully treated by a chiropractor, so when the pain resurfaced years later he knew just where to go. With regular adjustments John’s pain is now under control.  “Not being in pain has enabled me to function normally at work and at home,” John says.       

About 6 months ago John referred his wife, Patricia Hogan, into our office in the hopes that Dr. Bonnie could help with the Fibromyalgia, joint pain, and leg and feet pain that she had been dealing with for many years.  With regular chiropractic adjustments Patricia has already seen improvement in her health, she says, “I have more energy, my blood pressure went down significantly, my legs are getting stronger, and I have less pain in my feet.”  

Both John and Patricia say that they enjoy Dr. Bonnie’s gentle methods, and Patricia especially says that she “used to have a lot of pain after seeing a chiropractor, but [she hasn’t] had any of that with Dr. Bonnie!”  This same gentle technique has even helped Patricia’s son, who has Asperger’s Syndrome. “[Dr. Bonnie] is very kind to him and adept at handling him.  He has many health problems and Dr. Bonnie’s treatments have been very helpful,” Patricia says.

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