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Your First Visit

What Will Happen on My First Visit?

The first visit is to essentially gather the necessary information to see if chiropractic care is right for you. You will meet with Dr. Verhunce after filling out some medical paperwork describing your health history and health goals.

If you are a good candidate for chiropractic care, the next step is an examination. In the examination, we will be checking for a condition that happens in the spine called a "vertebral subluxation." In addition to subluxations, Dr. Verhunce will examine you for postural misalignments, how your body distributes weight from one side of the body to another, differences in prone and supine leg length, functional impairments in your body's range of motion, imbalances in your mastoid temperature, and for any thermagraphic heat deviations. 

A Vertebral Subluxation is the most common spinal injury and results in a disruption of the flow of nerve function from your brain to your body; it interferes with your body's ability to heal itself and function normally. A chiropractic examination in our office is focused on discovering any previous spinal injuries or damage.

There are many parts to this examination, and each part is explained as it is being performed so you are as informed as possible.

Once you are in the exam room, Dr Verhunce will evaluate the condition of your spine with a computer scan for weight imbalance, posture analysis, checking muscle tone and integrity, grip strength, range of motion and other neurological and nervous system tests. 

The importance of each of these tests and your results will be explained to you at your Report of Findings.

It is important to note that this examination helps scientifically understand the subluxation process going on in your spine. It also gives Dr. Verhunce a baseline for future tests so she can accurately measure your progress to see how your spine is healing, as well as how your nervous system is functioning.

At the end of the first visit, we will schedule your second appointment. On your second visit, Dr. Verhunce will give you your Report of Findings, go over recommendations for your care, discuss the timeline for your progress, coordination of care with other providers, at home recommendations and she will provide rehabilitative exercises .

Future visits in the office will be focused on your specific treatment goals, and therefore will not consume much time. Periodically, we will perform Progress Exams to evaluate your progress and see how your spine is correcting and stabilizing. We will do all we can to get you to wellness as quickly as possible.

You will be joining the millions of others worldwide that have enjoyed better health through chiropractic.

Congratulations on your decision to participate in chiropractic care in our office!

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