• Dr. Bonnie Verhunce

3 Reasons Why Walking is Good for Your Spine - 2/2/2021

Good spine health is a component to overall health. Chiropractic adjustments make it possible to keep your spine in alignment, allowing you to have the mobility you need without excess pain. Walking is an excellent way to strengthen the muscles that support your spine. Your circulation will improve, bring nutrient dense blood to your muscles and tissues. Walking is an easy way to take care of your spine health and keep yourself moving. It is a practical exercise that you can do just about anywhere, making it possible to commit to a daily walking routine.

Decrease Your Pain

Pain can make it difficult to move about, causing you to avoid walking for exercise. While chiropractic adjustments can reduce your pain by optimizing your spine alignment, walking can also help reduce your pain.

Muscles get tight from lack of use, and walking gives your body a chance to stretch out. Even when your body is sore while walking, it is going to help your overall health.

When you have pain that doesn't seem to go away from rest, try going for a short walk to see if that helps. Talk with a chiropractor about your options when it comes to pain relief and your mobility.

Improve Circulation and Tissue Health

Poor circulation can lead to a number of health problems. When you want to improve your health, a daily walk is going to be beneficial.

You don't have to move fast to receive the health benefits you get from going for a walk. If you have high blood pressure, or problems with circulation in your legs, a walk can help improve your blood pressure and circulation.

Pain can occur when you have tight, stagnant muscles. Walking brings blood flow to the area and heals the tissue as you are walking.

It doesn't matter what your current level of health is, you can go for some type of walk. Even a short walk around the block will help get you started on a journey of better health.

Stay in Alignment

When your spine muscles are strong, your back is better able to stay in alignment. Walking improves your muscles strength and gives your body the tools you need to heal naturally.

Visiting a chiropractor will get your spine properly aligned but walking on a consistent basis will help keep your back in alignment. When your spine is aligned, you have less pain, and your mobility should improve.

Walking has a range of health benefits. When you get chiropractic adjustments, this only increases your ability to walk for longer periods of time.

When you are ready to improve your health, it's time to plan a walking routine to get you on a better path to health. Improve your circulation, keep your spine in alignment, and decrease your pain with daily walks.

No matter how you get started, a small walk every day will help you feel better overall. If you are struggling with pain as you try to walk, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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